Bald Eagle Coins

I'm sure this is old hat to most of you, but by law, all coins of denomination 25 cents of higher were always required to have an eagle on the reverse. Now the mint has come up with a coin program with eagles everywhere -- obverse and reverse. I'm talking, of course, about the bald eagle commemorative coin program for 2008 featuring a gold five dollar coin, silver dollar, and clad half dollar. All images are from the US mint.


The Bald Eagle Silver Dollar

The Bald Eagle Half Dollar

The bald Eagle Half dollar is composed of "clad." In my opinion clad commemorative coins are very sad.

Mint math

 The US mint has placed strciit limits on the number of coins that can be ordered. Individuals can order 100 gold five dollar coins, one hundred gold silver dollars, and one hundred clad half dollars. If you want to order a three coin set, you are limited to one. By the way, the three coin set also costs more than the three individual coins added together.