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This page lists the pages on the website the website,starting with the coin topics in order of denomination.

Half Cents


Large Cents
Indian Head Cents
Lincoln Cents
2009 Lincoln Cents

Two cents/three cents

Two Cent Pieces
Three Cent Pieces


Liberty Head Nickels
Buffalo Nickels

Jefferson Nickels


Liberty Head Nickels
Barber coins
Mercury Dimes


Standing Liberty Qrtrs
State Quarters
State Quarters images 1999 to 2001
State Quarters images 2002 to 2005
State Quarters images 2006 to 2007
State Quarters images 2008
State Quarters: DC and terrtiories

Half Dollars

Walking Liberty Coins


Morgan Dollars
Peace Dollars
Presidential Dollars


isabella quarter


The Isabella Quarter (1893)


columbian half dollar


Columbian half dollar (1892 & 1993)


old spanish trail half dollarOld Spanish Trail (1935)


illinois half dollar


Illinois-Lincoln (1918)



oregon trail half dollar

Oregon Trail (1926 to 1939)



washington carver half dollar Washington/Carver (1951 to 1954)




Buffalo dollars
First Spouse Coins
Bald Eagle Coins
Lincoln Dollars
Braille dollars
Columbus coins (1992)
Boy Scout Dollars (2010)


First Spouse Coins
Letter from the mint about First Spouse Coins American Buffalo Gold coins
Bald Eagle Coins
Indian Head Gold Coins
St. Gaudens Coins
Ultra High relief St. Gaudens Coins

paper money

Educational Series

Coin Magic

Coin Magic
Scotch and Soda
Coin vanishes
flipper coins
Dollar bill through coin
nickels to dimes
penny and dime
coin boxes
coin gaffes

Type Coin Collecting

Coins on these pages are listed by type with links to auction pages. the other type pages are:
Type coin collecting home page
Half Cents (with an introduction to type collecting)
Cents (Large cents and small cents -- please do not call thempennies!)
two cent pieces,three cent pieces,and nickels
half dimes and dimes
twenty cent pieces and quarters
half dollars

Misc coin topics

Buffalo Coins
Storing Coins
Numismatic Books

Investment Topics

Peer-to-peer lending
Coin Investments

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