Boy Scout Dollar

The 2010 Boy Scout Commemorative Dollar

Boy Scout dollar reverse

Authorized by President George W. Bush, the Boy Scout Commemorative silver dollar was minted in 2010. It is likely the most controversial of the modern commemoratives, with the possible exception of the Columbus series of 1992. The controversy is muted by the fact that most members of the general public do not know of the existence of the coin.






It’s a girl?

Boy Scout dollar obverse

Many boy scouts were surprised to see that the most prominent figure on the obverse is a girl! Girls have recently been added to the “Venturer” program, but are not permitted in the Boy Scouts themselves. The law authorizing the production of the Boy Scout commemorative dollar states that the coin design must be emblematic of the 100 year history of the organization. Some web bloggers have complained that the presence of a girl and the absence of Caucasian boys on the coin is inconsistent with the law.


Controversy with Boy Scout membership policies

The Boy Scouts of America, themselves have created controversies over their membership. On religion, the Boy Scouts accept members and group leaders who are Christians, Muslim, or Wiccans, membership is denied to agnostics and atheists. The Boy Scouts of America also denies membership rights to anyone who is gay. The membership policies have led to a flurry of lawsuits. In the 2000 case, Boy Scouts of America vs. Dale, the Supreme Court acknowledged that the Boy Scouts of America have a right to freedom of association and can decide their own membership policy. Since the year 2000, backlash against the Boy Scouts has resulted in several cities, states, and private companies cutting off support for the Boy Scouts. Membership in the Scouts has declined about 20% in that time. Steven Spielberg, an Eagle Scout resigned from the Boy Scouts Advisory Council in 2001 stating “it has deeply saddened me to see the Boy Scouts of America actively and publicly participating in discrimination.”


Collecting the Boy Scout Dollar

The Boy Scout Commemorative dollar is available as both uncirculated and proof. They can currently be ordered directly from the US mint.


Peter Planchet was a Boy Scout?

For disclosure, I was a member of the Boy Scouts. I have merit badges for such things as knots and enjoyed many trips to the Boy Scout Museum in our neighboring state of New Jersey.