Lincoln Dollars

The 2009 Lincoln silver Dollar

2009 Lincoln silver dollar obverse2009 was the year for Lincoln mania! To delebrate the 200th anniverary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln, the US mint issued an Abraham Lincoln Silver dollar to accompany four new reverses for the Lincoln cent. The coins went on sale on February 12, 2009 with introductory prices of 31.95 for the uncirculated Lincoln dollar and 37.95 for the proof Lincoln dollar. After March 16, the prices jumped to 33.95 and 41.95. The coins, however,sold out quickly. They now can be purchased in the secondary market.

2009 Lincoln silver dollar reverse The dollar was be sold as both a proof and uncicrulated coin directly by the US mint. It was also sold as a part of a 'Coin and Chronicles" set.