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Peer-to Peer Lending

You have to love the banks. They have beautiful marble interiors, helpful tellers, and those great ball point pens attached to chains. Many of our local banks have "savings" accounts that pay about 2% interest. These same banks have loan products (including credit cards) which can charge in excess of 30% interest. It's all fair enough. After all, someone has to pay for all that marble. This leads to a question. Is it possible to cut out the bank and get better rates for both the lender and borrower? Read more on the Peer-to-Peer lending page.

Numismatic Investments

Want to invest in rare coins? Dr. Planchet explains why some investors make huge chunks of money, while other investors lose their shirts.

"The fundamental question,"Dr. Planchet explains, is whether the coin is truly rare. In the 80's, novice investors bought the MS65 common date Morgan Dollars only to see them lose up to 80% of their values." Read more on the coin investing page.

Other investments ideas

Dr. Planchet thought he had a great investment in Canadian Royalty funds (CANROY's), which were paying dividends of about 15%. Then the Torries made an announcement which caused the numismatics professor to lose his money. His loss can be your gain. Visit the CANROY page.

Forex Trading

Are you tired of the dollar declining in value, Peter Planchet explains ways you can invest in Euros, Pesos, and yen. If you like roulette, you'll love FOREX trading.


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