Magic Tricks with Coins

with Peter Planchet

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Coin boxes

The Okito Coin box

An Okito Coin Box is a cylindrical container that is often made of brass, aluminum, or stainless steel. It will typically fit four coins inside. Four coins can be placed inside the box, but when the box is opened,only three coins remain. The three coins are counted and replaced in the box. When opened there are only two coins -- then one.

Origin of the Okito Box

The Okito Coin box was devised in 1911 by the magician, Okito, who had a magic shop in Manhattan. His partner frequently took pills for indigestion. Okito played with the pill box and noticed that the lid could be placed on the top or bottom of the container. This sparked the idea that led to the Okito Coin box.

A presentation of a trick using the Okito coin box

The Boston Coin box

Below is a routine using the Boston coin box . Basically, several coins are put into a box. They can all vanish or penetrate through the bottom of the box.

Origin of the Boston Coin Box

The Boston Coin box was invented by George Boston. This coin box makes use of a recessed bottom that can hold a coin.
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