Magic Tricks with Coins

with Peter Planchet

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Coin Gaffes

Even the great coin conjurer, T. Nelson Downs, used "trick" coins on occasions in his magic. This page briefly discusses some of the major trick coins on the market today. Please see my other pages for flipper coins or trick coins involved in vanishing tricks.

Coin Shells

The coin shells are one sided hollowed out coins. The expanded shells can fit on top of a regular coin (allowing you to create two coins from one -- or to easily vanish one of the two. Shim shells can be picked up with a mganet. Many tricks are possible with these.

Stretched Coins

Stretched Coins are gimmicked coins that appear to have been stretched. Borrow a spectators coin -- act like you are stretching it, and give him back one of these.

Hooked Coins

A small hook attached to a coin can provide for an easy way to secretly hpook a coin onto something (such as pants).

Bended Coins

Instead of stretching the coins, you can always bend them. Here are the results.

Double Sided Coins

Call heads! Call tails. Either way, you are guaranteed to win the coin toss when you have the same thing on the obverse as the reverse.

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