Magic Tricks with Coins

with Peter Planchet

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The Raven -- A very modern coin vanish

Most of this page will discuss coin tricks in which all coin vanish except for one. The Raven,however, is a new gimmick that can cause a single coin to vanish. The coin can be placed in the magician's hand or even the spectator's hand. The magician waves his hand over the coin, and it vanishes. This is an amazingly clean single coin vanish.

Traditional Coin Vanishes

For several of the coin vanishing tricks, a group of coins is placed in the magician's hand. The hand is openend, and most of the coins are gone. Following is a description of several versions of the trick.

The twenty one magic cent trick

In the 21 Cent Trick , two nickels, a dime, and a cent are placed into a hand (for a total of twenty one cents). When the hand is open, only the nickel remains. The other coins have vanished.

The $1.35 magic trick

For the DOLLAR THIRTY FIVE TRICK , you take a half dollar and put it into your hand. Then you take a quarter, a dime, and another half dollar, and place them into the same hand. The spectators can be encouraged to add up the value of the coins. "A dollar thirty five!"  they will shout. But when you open your hand, there is only a single half dollar. All of the other coins have vanished. A similar trick is denominated in Euros (the 1.25 Euro trick).

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