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Type Coin Collecting

Coins on these pages are listed by type with links to auction pages. The other type pages are:

Half Cents (with an introduction to type collecting)
Cents (Large cents and small cents -- please do not call them pennies!)
two cent pieces,three cent pieces,and nickels
half dimes and dimes
twenty cent pieces and quarters
half dollars

Goal of Type Coin Collecting

The goal of type coin collecting is simple: to get one coin of each design. This is a much simpler process than trying to get all of the different dates and mintmarks. clicking on the coin type will take you to further explanations about the series. Below each coin type are some auctions for the coins. Generally type collectors will try to get the highest grade of the most common date.

Type collecting: cents

The design of the large cent changed three times during the first year of mintage (1793). As a result,these early types are rare and expensive. Small cents types are all fairly common and easily attainable. The number of Lincoln cents produced ina year is way more than the population of the Earth.

Type coin price guide

I have used the following symbols:

$ under $10 in good

$$ under $50

$$$ under $250

$$$$ under 1000

$$$$$ over 1000

large cent: chain (1793) $$$$$

large cent: wreath (1793) $$$$$

large cent: Liberty cap (1793 to 1796) $$$

large cent draped bust (1796 to 1807) $$

large cent: classic head (1808 to 1814) $$

large cent: braided hair (1840 to 1857) $$

Small cent: flying eagle (1857 to 1858) $$

Small cent: Indian head, laurel wreath, copper nickel (1859) $$

Small cent: Indian head, oak wreath, copper nickel (1860 to 1864) $

Small cent: Indian head, bronze (1864 to 1909) $

Lincoln Cent, wheat reverse (1909 to 1958) $

Lincoln Cent, memorial reverse (1959 --) $

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