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Type Coin Collecting

Coins on these pages are listed by type with links to auction pages. The other type pages are:

Half Cents (with an introduction to type collecting)
Cents (Large cents and small cents -- please do not call them pennies!)
two cent pieces,three cent pieces,and nickels
half dimes and dimes
twenty cent pieces and quarters
half dollars

dollar type coins

Collecting dollar coins by type can be tough. Compared to half dollars,the early dates tend to be much more expensive.The Morgan and Peace dollars are frequently collected by date.These coins are very common. The earlier types are scarce -- the main reason being that silver dollars were not popular because they were too heavy to carry around.

As discussed on the other type coin pages, he goal of type coin collecting is to get one coin of each design. Generally type collectors will try to get the highest grade of the most common date.

Type coin price guide

I have used the following symbols:

$ under $10 in good

$$ under $50

$$$ under $250

$$$$ under 1000

$$$$$ over 1000

Flowing Hair dollar (1794 to 1795) $$$$$

dollar: draped bust, small eagle (1795 to 1798) $$$$$

dollar: draped bust; heraldic eagle (1798 to 1804) $$$$$

dollar: liberty seated (1840 to 1873)$$$

Dollar: Trade 1873 to 1885) $$$

Dollar: Morgan: 1878 to 1921) $$

Dollar: Peace (1921 to 1935)

Dollar: Eisenhower (1971 to 1978) $

Dollar: Susan B. Anthony (1979 to 1999) $

Dollar: Sacagawea (2000 to present)

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