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Type Coin Collecting

Coins on these pages are listed by type with links to auction pages. The other type pages are:

Half Cents (with an introduction to type collecting)
Cents (Large cents and small cents -- please do not call them pennies!)
two cent pieces,three cent pieces,and nickels
half dimes and dimes
twenty cent pieces and quarters
half dollars

Type Coin Collecting: twenty cent pieces and quarters

The twenty cent piece was only minted for three years and was of a single type (liberty seated). The 1875S is by far the most common,and so that is the coin that ends up in most type collections. Early quarters tend to be scarcer than the half dollar equivalents.the single year design of 1796 (draped bust small eagle) had amintage of only 6,146, making it by far the raarest type. It is sometimes possible to find them for under $10,000.

Type coin price guide

I have used the following symbols:

$ under $10 in good

$$ under $50

$$$ under $250

$$$$ under 1000

$$$$$ over 1000

Twenty Cent Piece (1875 to 1878)

Quarter: draped bust small eagle (1796)

Quarter: Draped bust Heraldic Eagle (1804 to 1807)

Quarter: Capped bust (1815 to 1838)

Quaarter: Seated Liberty (1838 to 1891)

Variety 1 no motto above eagle (1838 to 1853 and 1856 to 1865) variety 2 arrows and rays (1853) variety 3 arrows, no rays (1854 to 1855) variety 4 motto above eagle (1866 to 1873 and 1875 to 1891) variety 5 arrows (1873 to 1874)

Quarter: Barber (1892 1916)

Quarter: Standing Liberty Variety 1 (1916 to 1917)

Quarter: Standing Liberty Variety 2 (1917 to 1930)

Quarter: Washington Eagle reverse (1932 to 1998)

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